Classic Values, Contemporary Attempts

Our current issue focuses on performances with a contemporary approach to classic material.

The Hungarian National Folk Ensemble premiered Dream Time in October in the Palace of Arts, Budapest. The piece is based on the traditions of authentic folk dance, but with its choreographic complexity, modern means of expression and surprisingly fresh musical score it succeeds to be a contemporary performance. The piece is reviewed by Zsóka Bajna. The review is completed by an interview with the ensemble’s artistic director, choreographer and director Gábor Mihályi.

The Satin Slipper, despite being a popular piece of Paul Claudel (1868–1955), has never been played in Hungary; the piece was recently staged in the Gárdonyi Géza Theater in Eger by one of the most prominent Hungarian directors, Sándor Zsótér. The performance characterised by its rich theater context is analysed by István Sándor L.

Anton Chekhov, the most popular and frequently played author on Hungarian stage was born 150 years ago. For the anniversary several of his pieces has been restaged: Edina Mátyás reviews Uncle Vanya from Vígszínház and The Cherry Orchard from the Hevesi Sándor Theater in Zalaegerszeg. The Maladype Theater staged a new text variant on Platonov, creating a contemporary piece with a charismatic atmosphere. The performance is analysed by István Sándor L.

Hungary’s first modern dance company, the Pécs Ballet Ensemble was founded in 1960. As homage to the 50th anniversary an essay has already been published in our issue 2010/6. Now we continue by an interview with dancer and choreographer Sándor Tóth, one of the founders of the company who – together with artistic director Imre Eck – was managing the company from 1961. He is interviewed by Dóra Uhrik, herself one of the founders and principal dancers.

In our critical column we review the guest performances of the 4th International Dance Festival (Chouinard: 24 Peludes, Rite of Spring, Prelocaj: Empty Moves, Edward Clug: Radio&Juliet) and the Budapest Autumn Festival’s guest performances (Kris Verdonck: I-II-III-IIII; Children; A few minutes of Lock – Louise Lecavalier; Radio Muezin – Rimini Protokol). The new performances of Pál Frenák, Ferenc Fehér and Balázs Kovalik are also reviewed.




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