What is Going on?

The situation of theatre and dance is being influenced by the disruptive politics that seems to taint even the artistic life of the country.

In the first section we talk about dance. Last year the Association of Hungarian Dance Artists has rather been a battlefield than alliance. Seven companies left the association and formed their own representation of interest. The former and the present president of the Association talk about their views. We also asked the leader of those who left, but afterwards he banned the interview. The Cultural Ministry is ready to hand in the new law of performing arts. Some proposals included in this are commented by Csaba Králl.

Our second section is on a three-pieced progressive performance premiered at the Hungarian State Opera House. The Wedding by Yvette Bozsik, Woman Times Seven by Antal Fodor and The Beloved of the Sun by Iván Markó.

We also deal with the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre in Eger, one of the most significant companies in the country. In an interview with Tibor Csizmadia, artistic director of the theatre and president of the Hungarian Theatre Society in one person we ask him about some recent scandalous director elections. We focus on three premiers in Eger. Aiming High, László Márton's historical play was put on stage by Csizmadia.  In Flame, also a contemporary play by Charlotte Jones was directed by Radoslav Milenkovic. Gábor Máté directed a 50 year-old play: Arnold Wesker's The Kitchen.

A controversial decision was taken: an outsider professional was elected as director of the theatre in Kaposvár famous for the artistic value of their work as a company for 30 years. We ask about this János Mohácsi, director, part of the company for 25 years. A separate article is on his performances in Pécs: Molière's The Imaginary Invalid and in Kaposvár: an adaptation of Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy.

Finally, we write on Krisztián Gergye's new choreography: Melancholy and on the tour of Shen Wei Dance Arts in Budapest.

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